Experienced CNC Tube&Pipe Bending Programmer

Hello, either you have Googled Cnc Tube Bending, or you've read my CV, Well this site is really a visual extension of my CV, Showing you just some of the machines i have gained experience on during the last 18 years.

Most of my 18 years have been spent at Ti Automotive in Telford ,The last 11 years i have been responsible for programming new projects and capacity planning various types of CNC tube & pipe manipulation machines, From small single heads to large multihead transfer benders, 4mm to 38mm diameter tubes, and lengths of 100mm to 4500mm. Using Draw/Compression/Push and Variable bending.

Some of the tube benders i can use are MiiC 4&5 axis Robots. FelssBurger transfer Machines, AddisonMcKee Addata CMM , single head and dual heal benders, BLM E-Turn et52 Variable radius bender, Sanoh single head multi bender, Robolix/Eatonleonard quick L/R Bender.

At its busiest i had 30 CNC bending machines (14 different types) to program and capacity plan. alongside this I have been key to operator skill development, including one to one or small group training sessions.

I have a good AutoCAD knowledge, excellent knowledge of Microsoft office applications, and very keen outlook to learning and improving myself and passing on my knowledge to help others.

Please take a look at my experience page to see some of machines i have Programmed, If your buisness is in the telford/midlands area, and you think i might be able to help you please email me via the contact page.
Thanks for the interest..

Daren Bodkin